What is Fascial Counterstrain(FCS)?  Fascial Counterstrain is a gentle form of manual therapy that is highly effective in treating the deep fascia of the body via specific tenderpoints to resolve injuries, painful conditions, and chronic pain patterns.  

The assessment method is unique and provides crucial information to the practitioner on the severity of the dysfunction, the location, and system involved. This allows the practitioner to effectively target the worst offending structures and make best use of each session, especially when multiple systems are involved (e.g. chronic pain.) 

The technique differs from other common manual therapies in that the tissue is mechanically shortened instead of stretched to reset the underlying painful reflex arc to release tight/painful muscles,  restore optimal blood flow,  and enhance immune response.

FCS treatment is profound in its impact on the major systems of the body –  musculoskeletal, ligament/connective tissue, viscera/organs, lymphatics/veins, arterial, nervous/autonomic system –  via the deep fascial system of the body which is the embedded in all vital structures and serves as a three dimensional matrix in the body providing support, form, and crucial proprioceptive information.     

It is a gentle and restorative treatment approach for every major system of the body.

To learn more about this method, please visit the Counterstrain Website