Comprehensive Physical Therapy Examination – We provide a methodical examination from head-to-toe to identify root causes, structural imbalances and asymmetries that may be contributing to your symptoms.  The nervous (CNS, PNS, ANS) and respiratory (day and night) systems are taken into account as these systems have a profound impact on our posture, movement, and muscle tone.

Multi-System Manual Therapy – We specialize in Fascial Counterstrain which is a gentle and powerful manual therapy approach to help to ‘reset’ underlying reflexes, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and restore mobility in all areas of the body.  Theses reflexes can often ‘hijack’ the muscles causing excessive tone and limiting mobility in the body.

Neuro-Muscular Retraining – Understanding the how symptoms are connected to an underlying asymmetry and movement pattern is an important part of the recovery process.  We teach you how to retrain fundamental movement patterns via the Postural Restoration Methodology.

Dental Integration – Our occlusion or bite has a profound impact on our posture, breathing, and nervous system. We work closely with dentists to determine whether an oral appliance is indicated and use diagnostic tests to confirm compatibility with your body.

Vision Integration – Our vision system is another powerful influence on our posture, balance, and nervous system.  We collaborate with optometrists who understand the impact vision has on the body.

Custom Foot Orthotics – The orthotics are made according to the patient’s structure, gait, activities, and footwear.  These non-compressible, flexible orthotics are significantly more comfortable than rigid orthotics.


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